Centralized Electronic Location

No need to search through stacks of paper or a file cabinets. Your data is stored electronically and is easily accessible.


Using eService is as easy as it gets. Anyone on your team will be able to use our software.

Scheduling and Notifications

Receive notifications online and by email for upcoming and elapsed tasks.

Inventory Management

Track your refrigerant inventory to ensure nothing goes missing. With the inventory management feature you will be able to add refrigerant purchased and account for all losses to the inventory due to inventory evacuations, line breaks or incidents. At any giving time, you will know exactly what the current systems inventory is.

eService Features:

eService is a web based maintenance tracking program.

Unlimited Storage

Unlimited file and data storage.

Off-site Redundant Data Backup

Your data is 100% safe with our off-site redundant backup system, your data is backed up daily to multiple servers.


24/7 Technical Support

Our support team is available to answer your questions.

24/7 Access

You can access your program 24/7 with any internet ready device.

Discover great features

eService enables you to manage work orders electronically; create new ones as needed when you see a maintenance issue and view the work completed on old ones


24/7 Technical Support

If you have an EMERGENCY with your refrigeration system, please call:
540-941-1999 ext. 301

During business hours, one of our trained staff members will handle your problem immediately. If you experience problems after business hours, the voicemail will pickup. Please listen to this message it will explain what constitutes as an emergency and what steps you should take. This system works promptly and efficiently when complete information is given

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Even more great features

Get rid of filing cabinets and other unnecessary paperwork. With eService you can add pictures, documentation, information on how to troubleshoot problems and more.

Picture/Documents Storage

eService logs pictures, estimated completion times, actual completion times, and an ability to reference SOPs to properly complete the task at hand


Report Generation

eService utilizes stored data to generate a breadth of reports to help managers maintain maximum efficiency within their facility

Workorders Flow

Creating Workorders

Creating and managing company workorders has never been more simplistic. From the workorders dashboard you can create edit and filter down orders.

dashboard Create Workorder For Customer

Entering Workorder Information

Enter workorder information and task generation

dashboard Create Tasks

Active Users

Over 1,000 Users

Generated Workorders

Over 60,000 Workorders and audits have been generated

Asset Management

Over 20,000 pieces of equipment are managed and maintained

Maintenance Inspections

200,000 maintenance inspections have been performed on assets

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We are resolute in expanding the cold storage industry with state-of-the-art technology, energy saving solutions, and innovative designs. Our dedicated employees are committed to providing outstanding service to our customers and vendors.

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